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For over six years, ENI's aggressive challenging has been the driving force that has made this company a leader in the provision of ocean, air, and inland transportation services, along with outbound supply chain management solutions. With offices through the Americas, Asia, Europe and Middle East, we combine global reach with expertise meeting local market requirements.

Thanks for the time you are taking to review our brief highlights, with which we are in the hope you have idea on our dedication through the thriving years.

2009 Jan.: ENI Houston , TX Expansion Relocation
As ENI acquires new Projects to South-East Asia and Central America , ENI Houston has expanded its warehousing facilities and capabilities to meet these new challenges. This growth will not only strengthen ENI reaches in the global market but also reinforce its strengths in the US market by initiating freight consolidation through ENI's warehouse.

2008 Sep.: ENI Carson , CA Expansion Relocation
ENI-CA has improved and expanded its facilities to include Warehousing. Moving to the new office provides convenience to our various communities, customers and partners. Having a centralized office space helps to enhance teamwork synergies within the various business units, and a fresh environment. The relocation to our new head office is a key milestone in our history in US. The building is well-located for all major road networks and has excellent facilities covering 20,000 square feet of newly furnished office space. The move will continue to bring our ENI employees together in unity, under one roof in US, which has long been our ambition.

2008 Feb.: ENI's CEO is elected President of KALA(Korean American Logistics Association)
On January 1st, 2008 K.A.L.A. (Korean American Logistics Association) was founded. K.A.L.A. is a joining of The Air Forwarders Association and The Ocean Forwarders Association of Southern California that had operated as separate entities for over thirty years. K.A.L.A. strives to unite all areas of the Korean American Logistics Community so that we may grow together through teaching and networking.

2007 Apr.: ENI New York Expansion Relocation
ENI New York has moved to Secaucus , NJ . A move to New Jersey has placed ENI closer to the Vessel Carriers and allows us to connect with the carriers more frequently and on a more personable basis. This connection leads to providing faster and more efficient service to our customers, as well as a better work environment for our employees. It has also helped to open us up to a wealth of logistics partners located in and about the terminals of Newark gaining the perfect balance of superior intermodal and ocean freight services.

2006 Jun.: ENI Opens ENI New York , NY Branch
In order to accommodate project growth in the Middle East, ENI launches a full service branch in New York City . New York is a vital location in strengthening our reaches to the Middle East . It enables ENI to provide the fastest service, and the most competitive rates throughout the East coast.

2004 JAN: Established ENI-IRAQ & ENI-KUWAIT
Early in January, ENI established the branches of ENI-KUWAIT and ENI-IRAQ. It had been our long necessity to base in Middle East throughout involving in several projects on Oil Refinery Building along with the famed Korean construction companies. To meet the local peculiarity and increase the capabilities it was necessary as well as even critical to work in connection with local workforces. With still ongoing Oil Refinery Projects in the vicinity of Middle East, we're building up and developing more synergistic expertise. The office of Iraq was set up right after opening the office in Kuwait. Iraq office is more focused its operations relating with Korea trading. Its support services and support functions are outsourced.

2003 Aug :Service Initiation of MEX-ENI, Mexico City, Mexico.
In consideration of the geographical constituent, ENI adopted Mexico city as a great potential bridgehead in international business. Throughout the sporadic projects in Mexico and South America, it has been demanded to research and collect data over related job sites in terms of geographical facts of ports and roads used for transportation, laws, customs regulations, and further to cultural characteristics and potential economical benefits etc. Such cooperative strategies make operations more independent, self-reliant and quality-driven.

2002 Jun : ENI-UK relocation
Eni-UK, since its launching as a full service branch, It has improved and expanded its capabilities. To accommodate the increasing cargo traffics through Asia and Europe, ENI- UK was relocated to Heathrow, Middlesex. In addition to that, the improvements in equipment and the implementation of internally developed computer systems lead to cost savings and improvements in total service quality.

2001 May : Launched Major Oil Refinery Projects in Ghana, Kuwait, and Oman.
In collaboration with partnered freight forwarder based in Korea, ENI first entered several Oil Refinery Projects contracted by the famed Korea Construction company. Due to the dependency of concentrated vendors in US under Projects, the role as designated US house forwarder was deemed critical throughout the projects. After all, such a dedication on projects brought ENI the triumph of our philosophy of quality.

2000 Nov.: Established ENI - UK
Backed by company's financial strength, ENI - UK was registered as a first overseas subsidiary. Its operations are designed to cover most fields of shipping business including warehousing, inter-modal services. The advent of ENI-UK increased our total capabilities and lead ENI to be recognized as a major provider of one stop solution with premier full service in Europe and Middle East.

2000 Sep.: Opened ENI- Houston , TX
Due to growing demand for the transportation of special goods throughout US Gulf ports, Houston branch starts its own service from vessel booking to warehousing specialized in handling of industrial and project cargos.

1999 Sep.: Opened the offices at ENI-New York, NY, ENI-Chicago, IL.
The necessity of direct controlling of freights passing through these two major cities made it possible to serve better our customers with more competitive rates and further to absorb growing cargo demand from US major East Coast ports to Asia bounds.

1998 Mar.: Established ENI Shipping Inc.
500 Carson Plaza Dr. #110 Carson Ca 90746 N.V.O.C.C. & Int'l Freight Forwarder (#16195NF) Headquartered in Long Beach, CA with qualified staff members, ENI launched its first service as a global non-vessel carrier and set its mission to fulfilling customers' requirements.